Psychic senses

Clairvoyance means clear seeing and is a sense located at the third eye. It is the act of seeing still or moving images in the minds eye whilst the physical eyes are open or closed. Although there are few individuals who see visions as clear as if they were on a TV screen or right before their eyes, for most people these images appear in the mind the way that we see memories. For example, if you were to picture in your mind’s eye your bedroom, you would probably not see the entire room in whole but rather fragmented images. This is also how many clairvoyant images are often sighted. Clairvoyant individuals are able to see spirits, auras, energy flow, imbalances within the body or environment and past, present and future events.


  • The brain creates a picture from the vibration of the spirit or energy that you’re connecting to.

  • Sometimes people will psychically see shadows or something in the corner of their eye but when they turn to look, it disappears. This is because the physical eyes take over.            

Clairaudience means clear hearing and is a sense located above the ears. Clairaudience can be twofold. First are sounds, music and words that are literally heard as if they were actually made on the physical realm even though there is no explainable physical source. This can often be experienced just before going to sleep, during the sleep state or whilst in the process of waking up. Often the noise can be so ‘garbled’ that it can be difficult to make out the words.

The most common form of clairaudience however is telepathy - thoughts that are placed in your mind. These are most often ‘heard’ in our own voice without any auditory sound and require us to differentiate between our conscious thought and spirit communication.

Clairsentience means clear sensing and is a sense located in the abdomen. There is debate as to whether it is the solar plexus or sacral centre. Clairsentience occurs when the individual has a feeling (intuitive or physical) without any justification. The feeling can come in the form of emotions, a breeze, temperature changes, shivers (such as the type that accompany goose bumps), pains or aches in the body, itching, or the literal feeling of a touch. Clairsentience is a fairly common occurrence although recipients are often unaware of the attempted communication by spirit. Individuals with clairsentience can develop ‘ghost’ symptoms as they pick up on other people’s emotions and physical complaints, often carrying them without recognising that what they are feeling does not belong to them.

Claircognizance means clear knowing and is a sense located at the Crown Chakra (at the top of the head). It is having knowledge of something or one without any prior learning or awareness of the subject. Claircognizance appears in the form of premonitions, triggered abilities from other lives and spontaneous knowledge. The information may relate to the past, present or future, to self, others or a place. Individuals with claircognizance will often say ‘I just know; I don’t how but I just know.”

Clairhambience also known as clairgustance means clear tasting and is a sense located on the tongue. It is when a taste appears in the mouth although there has been no presence or contact of the food in question. This may indicate a person’s preference in food, how someone died or an indication of illness.

Clairalience means clear smelling and is related to the sense of smell. Usually the smell or fragrance (having no explainable physical source) is fleeting and has relevance to a spirit’s identity. For example, the smell of roses by a grandmother who had a rose garden or perfume regularly worn by an aunt. Some medical intuitives have the ability to smell a diseased organ by placing their hand over the client’s body. 

Reference: Stephanie Egan – Natural Energies College 2002 - 2015

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