Homeopathic first aid kit


The word homeopathy comes from the Greek and means “similar suffering”. This refers to the central philosophy that substances that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person. For example a person suffering from hay fever onion usually experiences watery eyes an irritation.However, the substances are given in minute doses to avoid unwantedside effects, making them safe to use even in situations where conventional drugs would be dangerous or inadvisable (e. g. pregnancy, treating infants).

There are two important laws that you need to follow to use homeopathy successfully.

  1. The law of similars states that we must match the symptoms picture of an illness or injury to the symptom picture of the medicine. Always check the material medical of the remedy you select to make sure the one you have chosen best fit to the situation.
  2. The law of the minimum dose states that we must only give enough medicine to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. As a general guide, for acute situation like a toothache or injury, you can give the remedy every hour for up to six doses. When there is any improvement, do not give any more and only repeat when the symptoms return.

Another factor to consider when using homeopathic first aid remedies:

Certain substances may anti-dote homeopathic remedies in some people. It is therefore advisable to avoid these substances if possible. Coffee, mint, camphor, menthol and eucalyptus are examples. Also it is important to store your remedies in a cool, dark place way from these influences or other strong odors.

Instruction to use the first aid remedies:
Dosage: Pillules are to be taken by tipping TWO pillules into the lid of the bottle, and then into the mouth, where they are allowed to dissolve. The standard dose is two pillules at a time for both adults and children.

In ACUTE conditions, the dose can be repeated every half to one hour until a change is noted . It is important to STOP taking the remedy once a change has occurred.

If improvement does not continue, repeat the remedy, two pillules every 4 to 5 hours. Treatment should be discontinued once recovery is achieved.

Pillules are best taken on an empty stomach or half an hour either side of eating, drinking, smoking or using toothpaste.

Taking the remedy:
Homeopathic medicines are delicate and need careful handling. Touch them as little as possible. Shake one or two pills into the lid or the bottle and put it straight into the mouth of the person taking the remedy and allow it to dissolve under their tongue. It possible give the dose half and hour before or after having anything to eat or drink, cleaning your teeth or smoking. Obviously this does not apply in an acute situation where it should be given as soon as possible. You can crush and dissolve the remedies in water and sip them also.

Safety first!
Serious illnesses and injuries should never be treated without seeking expert advice. Use your instincts and common sense. If you are worried, call for help first then give the appropriate remedy whilst waiting for help to arrive.In cases which are less serious or urgent, if symptoms show no improvement or return always seek professional help. A qualified homeopath may be needed to treat the underlying weakness in the person’s constitution.

First aid remedies:

Sudden and violent onset; restlessness, anxiety, fear; thirsty; red; FOR: Fevers, influenza, ear infections, shock, panic attacks. Use only when it fits; very often misused and can lead to suppression….take care.

Rosy red, shiny, oedematous; >cold application; <heat; fidgety, clumsy, irritable; thirstless; burning, stinging pains;FOR: See stings: hives; fever;

Bruised; bed feels hard; fear of approach; says nothing is wrong with him when he is ill (e.g. concussion);FOR: Injuries to sot tissue; bruising; concussion; dental work; operations; shock

Great anxiety, fear, prostration; restlessness; thirst for sips; fear alone, that they will die; burning pains – like fire, > heat (except headaches); < midnight, 2 am; discharges thin, acrid, scanty. >hot food, soups.FOR: Vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning, respiratory, hay fever

Suddenand violent onset; red, hot throbbing; thirst less, delirium or listless, dryness, photophobia, dilated pupils, bounding pulse, <noise, jarring.FOR: Fever, ear infections, respiratory, mastitis, headache.

Irritable, <slightest motion,> lying on the affected side, thirst for large amounts, <becoming hot, dryness, stitching pains, slow onset.FOR: Fever, respiratory, cough, appendicitis, headache.

Angry, ugly mood, intolerable pains, child wants to be carried, refuses what has just asked for, tosses about, one red cheek, oversensitive, <coffee, <dentition, stool green, undigested.FOR: Fever, dentition, colic, diarrhea-green, dentist.

Burning, cutting, smarting pains, violent pains, high libido, rage, burning thirst, oversensitive – mentally and physically, < urination, touch, sound of water.FOR: Cystitis with severe pain, burns

Droopy, dozy, dizzy, dull; heavy eyelids, heaviness in general, thirst less, urinary symptom, <spring, <humid weather, ailments from anticipation, > urination.FOR: Influenza, cystitis, diarrhea, ailments or anxiety before an ordeal, headache

Hepar Sulph
Oversensitive to everything, cold, pain, touch noise, draught of air, chilly, sweats easily, angry, dissatisfied, quarrelsome, pain in throat as if splinter, needle, ulceration, skin eruptions, everything festers, offensive, < least uncovering, warmth.FOR: ulcerated throats, flu, suppurating skin conditions, leucorrhoea like old cheese.

Nerve pain, intolerable, violent, shooting, tingling, burning, comes and goes, with numbness, <cold and damp, motion, >bending back, rubbing, pains shooting up from injured part.FOR: Injury to parts rich in nerves; fingers, toes, coccyx, vertebrae, where there is risk of tetanus (after Ledum).

Recent grief, loots, sighing, desire to be alone, numbness after grief, highly emotional, laughing then crying, hysteria after loss, erratic, contradictory symptoms and moods, sensation of a lump, twitches, tics, shuddering, <touch, coffee, tobacco, >occupation, lying on affected part, alone.FOR: Recent grief, ailments associated with recent grief.

Puncture wounds which do not bleed and if given early can prevent tetanus, (if too late give Hypericum), bee stings, part is purple, puffy, oedematous, old, emaciates, <warmth >cold bathing, injuries to joints, esp ankles, heels, tendons.FOR: Puncture wounds, be stings, ankle injuries

Nux Vomica
Spasm, twisting, jerks, hypersensitive mentally and physically, irritable, impatient, <cold, open air, uncovering, high living, coffee, pressure, > free discharges, wrapping head. Moist air.FOR: Digestive disturbances, hangovers, jet lag, abuse of coffee, drugs etc.

Changeable symptoms and moods, cries easily, des consolation, thistles, >open air, clinging children, bland discharges, <evening, <puberty, pregnancy, mild, timid, can’t decide what to eat.FOR: Colds and influenza, symptoms associated with menses, GIT symptoms

Rhus tox
Restlessness, pains tearing, shooting, stitching, < night, cannot rest, must move, <first motion, > continued motion, stiffness, uneasiness, anxiety, cannot lie in bed, > walking in open air, chilly, <cold, >heat, vesicular eruptions, hives, thirsty, des cold milkFOR: Sprains, strains, influenza, allergic reactions to plants (skin).

Acts on periosteum, cartilage, tendons (usually after Arnica), bruised sore, aching, restlessness, <cold, dampFOR: Injury to perioseum, cartilage, tendons, sprains, strains, repetitive strain injury, eye strain.

Ailments from suppressed anger, insult, indignation, throws things in anger, stinging, smarting pains, trembling, desire tobacco.FOR: Bee stings, cystitis, toothache, after operations, injections.

Injury to bones, cartilages, periosteum, helps heal fractures, usually after Arnica and Ruta.FOR: Fractures

Blood – slot in eyes, burning eyes – red and itchy

Extremely sensitive to temperature changes – aches (tooth), skin condition: Roseca