“Healing is about choices - choices to treat or not to treat, to choose not type of intervention over another, or to choose one method of treatment in conjunction with another. One choice does not eliminate all other possibilities. You can choose and choose again. The most important choice is the decision to heal; all else follows.”

—— Unknown source


Jana specialises in:

(BHSc Comp medicine, aDv dip Naturopathy, western herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, Dip RM, cer metaphysics, Cer raw food chef)

Metatherapy & Metaphysics, Energetics. 
Bioresonance : energetic analytic software Metatron
More on Metatherapy here

Homeopathy & Litotherapy, Vibrational medicine

Naturopathy/alternative medicine


Intuitive medicine

Herbal Western Medicine

Plant based cooking and recipes developments,
detox and meal plans.

-Health fund rebate available-

Practicing out of Orchard Street, Bronte:
Tuesday Mornings, all day Thursday and
alternating Saturdays